Kipsaina Boys Home

"If only 7% of the 2 billion Christians in the world would care for a single orphan in distress, there would effectively be no more orphans. If everybody would be willing to simply do something to care for one of these precious treasures, I think we would be amazed by just how much we could change the world.
- Steven Curtis Chapman"
Kipsaina Boys Home
These are the stories of 18 boys, raised in chaos, suffering the biggest tragedy a child can endure, forgotten and shunned by their people, but all brought together by the love of Jesus, and those who love Him. These are their beginnings, each of them come from a different background and a different reason for their lives in the Kipsaina Boys Home.  Losing a parent at a young age can hinder the life of a child.
Victor is the son of one of our orphan boys, now married and working, visits the boys home each day. He's growing up with the same young men his dad was raised with, keeping the bond between all of them. 
Isaac and Brian
     When visiting a village with Missions For Orphans, Coney and Lani (co-founders of MFO) the village people told them of a family who were struggling. They were introduced to 3 small children.  Coney and Lani, once there, were informed by the village chief that Isaac, who is 8,  was caring for himself and two younger siblings, providing them with food when possible.  The siblings were 6, and 1.  Abandoned by their father, there would be long periods of time when the mother did not return home to care for the children.  Missions for Orphans returned periodically for 2 weeks, to feed and care for the children. In that time the mother was never seen. The elders of the village asked Missions For Orphans to take the children and care for them. The mom finally agreed to let the 2 older boys to go to the boys home. 
     Isaac and Brian are now attending school and have gained weight. Both boys have already started bonding with the other boys in the home.
     The little girl is now being cared for by an Aunt who was willing to take her in.  

     In 2014 while on a medical mission visiting multiple small villages, Missions for Orphans was introduced to Juma. Juma was severly malnourished and infested with jiggers.  He was treated immediately for jigger removal and then taken for followup care at the local hospital. Due to the amount of jiggers that he had, he was in need of antibiotics and a tetanus shot. After the medical care for Juma, Missions for Orphans went to his home and treated for jigger fumigation. 
     In 2016 Missions for Orphans returned to the same village and found Juma severly malnurished and again infested with Jiggers, as well as his brother and mother. After visiting with his mother and treating them and their home for Jigger removal and fumigation, it was determined that he was in need of more medical care. Juma and his family were then sent to the local hospital where they were treated. 
     Without a father, it was difficult for his mother to fully support Juma and provide for him and his siblings. Because of this, the mother requested that Missions for Orphans care for him and give him a home with the Kipsaina Boys home. Juma is now healthy, thriving, has frequent visits with his family,  and is now attending a private school who can help him with his special needs in education.  
     Collins lost his mom and was raised by his grandmother, a known village alcoholic, who would give him alcohol on a regular basis to keep him quiet. Collins was often seen wandering through the village as a drunken toddler. His grandmother passed away supposedly of AIDS in 2009. He was found and brought to the boys home. 
    Collins loves playing Futbol, athletics and music. He does not know his exact birthdate or year he was born. He has lived at the home for 9 years. He is from the village of Kipsaina.
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Born in 2004 
     Gilbert was found living with a neighbor in the village and was caring for the animals. He was not going to school and had not been attending school for quite some time. Gilberts father died before he was born and his mother had passed away when he was very small. A good samaritan had taken him to the home that he was living in prior to the boys home. Gilbert has lived at the boys home for 5 years. 
     He enjoys playing futbol, singing and playing drums. 
    David came to us from Love Mercy, which is another orphanage in Kitale. Prior to being found, David was living on the streets in Kitale. David is from a village that is close to Nairobi, Kenya. 
     At a very young age David was forced to beg for food for his family. One day when he was out begging his parents left, and did not return, leaving him with no knowledge of where they went or of any other family members for him to live with. When this happened, at the age of 7,  he started living on the streets in Kitale. A man he was unrelated to, picked him up and brought him home. David then became the house boy, doing chores and whatever else was required of him. He resided with this man for 3 years, and ran away again. 
     David returned to the streets of Kitale and became a Kenyan Glue Boy.  While addicted to glue and living on the streets, David became a theif, stealing things to sell in order to get by.  After 3 years of living on the streets, a member of Love Mercy approached him and asked him to come live with them. Realizing that they were full, Love Mercy contacted Missions For Orphans and asked for him to live at the Kipsaina Boys Home.
     David is now living at the boys home, is thriving in his environment, attends school, and is a member of the Boys Dance Group that travels to entertain.  
Born January 6, 2003 from the village Kapsara

     Charles' father passed away from an unknown sickness when Charles was a young boy. A year later so did his mother. In that time period his mother was unable to care for him, heard of the boys home and brought Charles to John, who was the previous owner of the Boys Home.  Charles has been at the home for 8 years. 
     He enjoys playing Futbol, working, and attending school. He is currently in Secondary School. Charles' dream is to be a pilot. 
Born in 2001 in Kitale Town

     Augustine lost both of his parents to HIV /AIDS. He has two older sisters that live on their own but were unable to care for him. Augustine was brought to the boys home when his mother passed in 2009. His uncle who was employed by Missions For Orphans brought him to the Boys Home to be cared for because none of his relatives could care for him. 
     Augustine is currently in secondary school. He enjoys playing futbol, and taking pictures. Augustine would like to be a Doctor. 
     Alphonse was very young when he lost his parents. His father was killed by a car and his mother passed away from an unknown sickness. He and his brother Robin was taken in by an uncle. During that time he was not going to school as it was his responsibility to care for his aunts baby. It was brought to the attention of one of the staff of another organization. He was then brought to the boys home not knowing it was the same home that his brother was taken to earlier that year. 
     He likes to play futbol, to run, and to dance. He has been at the boys home for 7 years. He is currently attending secondary school, he is number one in his class. He aspires to be a Lawyer. His favorite memory is when he was brought to the boys home and realized his brother Robin was living there. 
Robinson (Robin) 
Born in 1999 in Kisumu.
     Robin was very young when he lost his parents, he is unsure of his age at the time. He knows that his father was killed by a car and his mother passed away from a sickness but was never told what kind. Him and his brother, Alphonse, and sister were taken in by their uncle (Mothers Brother). They lived with him for only 3 m onths before he was separated and brought to the boys home. He was never told of why he was brought to the home.                 Robinson has lived in the boys home for 8 years. He is currently in Secondary School. He loves dancing, singing, playing futbol and rugby.  
     Robinsons favorite memory is when the team first came to help. His dream for the future is to become a pilot.  
Born August 2, 1995 from Kaisagati

     Joseph lost his mother when she gave birth to his youngest sister. His father died from complications of diabetes. Joseph's aunt eventually took him and his sister in and cared for them unitl 2011 when she passed away. Joseph was broght to the house when his teachers reached out on his behalf knowing how much he was struggling. His older siblings are were married but have recently passed away from typhoid.   His dream has always been to take care of his younger sister. She recently graduated from the Missions For Orphans sewing school and is now running her own Fundi (seamstress) Shop. 
     Joseph now attends a Poly Technic school to become an electrician residing in Eldoret.

Born in 1996 in Kitale Town

     Phyllipp's mother died when he was 5 years old of a sickness that he is    unsure of. His father passed away in a car accident when Phyllipp was 9. At that point he was taken to his aunt and uncle's to live, where he stayed for 2 years.  At this residence he was not adequately taken care of, so after 2 years he ran away. He became a town glue boy, where for 3 years he begged, sniffed glue and did not attend school. He lived on the streets in Kitale. Phyllipp has lived at the boys home for 10 years. 
     He loves playing futbol, dancing and singing. Phyllipp is currently going through trade school where he is learning Welding, and brick laying. 
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Born in 1997 in Kipsaina

     Benjamin was told and believes that his mother and father did not want children. When he was 7 years old his parents tried to take him to the police station and drop him off, twice. After the second time the police took him and arrested his parents. He was able to live in the schools that he attended. When he was 12 years old he was presented with the opportunity to come and live at the Kipsaina Boys Home. 
     He enjoys futbol, athletics, running, and taking care of animals. He is now moved to Kipsaina and is self supported with his own business of being a Piki Driver. A piki is what is used as a taxi. 
     His favorite memory of his life is when Missions for Orphans came to take over the Boys home. 
Born July 9, 1998 from the village of Sigor

     Edwin has been an orphan for as long as he can remember, with losing both of his parents as a very small child. He was raised by his grandfather where he was responsible for caring for all of his animals, which made it difficult to attend school. Edwin was not given any information before being brought to the Boys Home but he believes that his grandparents could no longer care for him. He came to the boys home in 2008. 
     Edwin has now graduated from Secondary School and is employed by Missions For Orphans. His job is to be an administrative assistant to the Kenya Chapter of Missions For Orphans. In August of 2018, Edwin was married to Leah, and currently resides in Kipsaina.
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